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Back to the Future and Eternity

Watching the movie Back to the future it is easy to oversee that Marty McFly by playing Johnny be good in 1955 is presenting evidence of eternal life. It’s good to contemplate and sometimes it’s good to do it together with … Continue reading

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When The Universe Goes Oops!

Most people have probably not heard of “Doubly-even self-dual linear binary error-correcting block code” (lets just call it Self Correcting Code, SCC). Although most people intuitively knows what it proves – that there is a right and a wrong, that … Continue reading

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The Dream About The Universe

I had a fascinating conversation about the universe with my 11-year old daughter Grace the other day. We were talking about the enormity of it all. I could see her eyes widen when I explained how we can’t really see … Continue reading

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