When The Universe Goes Oops!


Most people have probably not heard of “Doubly-even self-dual linear binary error-correcting block code” (lets just call it Self Correcting Code, SCC). Although most people intuitively knows what it proves – that there is a right and a wrong, that subjectivism is a sham.

Invented in the 1940’s (considering the circumstances it might actually be more adequate to say “discovered”) by a computer constructor to avoid mistakes when transferring data. Today it is a tool in all current internet traffic, e-mails and what not. It is a valuable tool in order to make sure that the intended message in your e-mail to a friend is actually what’s reaching your friend and not some gibberish that got messed up on the way.  SCC makes perfect sense, since there is a specific purpose with the message when sending it.


Then comes a doctor in physics and expert in string theory (Dr. James Gates Jr.) and tells the world that the universe has the same thing programmed into it. This is when people go, “say what?” It turns out that the very fabric of the universe is self-correcting.

Correcting from what you might ask? Well, errors of course. There is obviously something that is right and something that is wrong, and apparently, the universe has an urge to make sure that “right” prevails. Accordingly to Dr Gates Jr,  that would be truth. This makes sense, since TRUTH- simply put, is that which exists, and false is that which does no exist. The universe is thereby actively conducting self preserving corrections by simply favoring truth before false, since the opposite would be counter intuitive to the very fabric of existence. Think about that next time you tell a lie..

It puts a somewhat new perspective on Jesus’ statement “I am The Way, the Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6), i.e. the universe has pretty much the same rule. Truth is the fundamental building block for existence and false is not, so truth is also life and false is death, go figure…


This recent development in physics naturally is something that is sticky in a highly secularized society, especially for atheists and cynics. This is probably the reason, considering the great implications of this discovery, you don’t read about it anywhere.  

I think the reason for this lack of publicity, is that it’s incredibly thorny, to try to explain the concept of a decisive right and wrong, as a fundamental existential control function in a universe completely caused by random chance. Put differently, in an atheist universe caused by chance, there is no place for SCC, since what ever chance produces is what goes. No need to correct anything. It would be antithetical to chance and randomness because when you have correcting you also have purpose and where there’s purpose there is a plan.

If there is one thing that all acquired knowledge and combined human experience is evidence of, it’s this; where there is a plan – there is also cognition, i.e. intelligence

This actually means that expressions widely used in pop-philosophy such as “every person has a purpose, find out yours…” now is proven to be right by cutting edge physics in accordance with every tenet of modern science. Because it follows by logic, that if the universe is driven and controlled by purpose – everything in it is also driven and controlled by purpose, including our lives. Now think about that for a minute…

So there goes atheist existentialism down the drain for good. Forever exiled to history’s scrap yard of faulty theories. But this will probably not stop atheists from holding on to their beliefs (I just love how atheist claims of rationality always is subject to their cherry picking). 

Even though you can’t turn back time to make a wrong right, rest assure that the universe with the help of time will set it right. It’s all very reassuring – In Self Correcting Code we trust.

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2 Responses to When The Universe Goes Oops!

  1. huntereverwood says:

    Very interesting, indeed.

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