Mr. Assange and Sweden’s Denial of Civil Rights



The United Nation’s (UN) Work Group on Arbitrary Detention (UNWGAD) has in a recent decision, that was communicated to the Swedish government on Jan. 22, 2016, declared that Sweden is violating Mr. Assange’s civil liberties and his asylum rights, and therefore keeping him arbitrarily detained in violation of international law. The UN states that Mr. Assange should immediately be released and compensated.

Sweden has declared that they do not intend to follow the decision by the UN panel, which is based on established international law and and the law of nation, and many of the experts on the panel are professors of law or human rights or both. One professor of law that has been partially involved and told the Guardian about severe political pressure from the UK is the Norwegian lawyer Professor Mads Andenas. UNWGAD has previously come to similar conclusions concerning Aung San Suu Kyi, the political dissenter held in arbitrary detention by the ruthless military junta of Burma, so Sweden is certainly moving up the social ladder of totalitarianism.

Naturally the Swedish media, which is state controlled, is on the band wagon. One example will have to do since it is my experience that reasonable people only have limited tolerance for utter stupidity. It has to be the Swedish Daily Dagens Nyheter (DN).

In this editorial, DN’s Ms. Hanne Kjöller is ranting incoherently about her visit to the restroom(!), ridiculing human rights law and Conventions and claiming that “UN considers it illegal to detain suspected rapists” (which of course is incorrect, but who cares right?). She also claims that Mr. Assange’s detention was voluntary. I wonder if Ms. Hanne Kjöller also considered that the Jews committed suicide during the Holocaust, since they walked by their own volition into the gas chambers? Ignorance you can cure with education, but unfortunately there is no cure for stupid. If you only have one way to turn, lest you be denied all your liberties, your actions are not the result of the exercise of free will, it is by definition the result of coercion. This is supported by an overwhelming number of civil rights cases applying international law (but apparently Ms. Hanne Kjöller has little tolerance for international human rights law).

jews ontrain

Jews in Warsaw voluntarily entering the train to a concentration camp, according to Ms. Hanne Kjöller’s line of reasoning.

As for the accusation about rape, it is totally irrelevant in this case and as usual Swedish state media is obfuscating the issues for the public by populist hogwash. The issue in the case of Mr. Assange is Due Process a totally alien concept in Swedish jurisprudence and mindset. There’s not even a word for it in Swedish and not a single Swedish court case dealing with it. It’s actually quite remarkable. I find it ironic that Ms. Hanne Kjöller now choses to focus on the alleged accusation of rape against Mr. Assange, just weeks after it was revealed that her employer, the daily DN had been covering up the rape epidemic on girls in Stockholm. The same goes for the Wikileaks aspect of Mr. Assange’s case, it is not relevant, I don’t even agree with him on this issue, certain things should not be published. One must have the disciplin though to be able to separate different questions of law.

The prosecutor responsible for Mr. Assange’s case have been obstructing the investigation for over four years. She has refused to use any of the several legal means available to her within the framework of the European Union to finish the investigation. Mr. Assange even invited her to the embassy for interrogations with him there, in order to be able to conclude the investigation. She refused. Her only objective has been and still is to move Mr. Assange to Sweden by force. The prosecutor’s conduct is on its face a violation of Swedish criminal law, which stipulates that an investigation must be completed expediently and without unnecessary delays and inconvenience for victims and suspects. Maybe it would be time better spent if Ms. Hanne Kjöller instead would criticize the prosecutor for obstructing justice and denying the alleged victims their day in court by doing so? How come no Swedish media has this angle? As if it was a coincident, the prosecutor is conveniently abroad and unavailable to comment on the UN decision.

Although Sweden does not intend to honor the UN decision in this case, the Swedish government saw no problem in demanding that Burma would honor the UN decision in 2009, when the Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt and the entire EU demanded her release (I searched, but failed to find any cynical incoherent rantings about UN from Ms. Hanne Kjöller about this). my rulesAs I understand it, Sweden means that only other countries must follow UN human rights laws, Conventions and Decisions. Apparently, they do not apply to Sweden. It seems clear to me that Sweden is a member of the UN, not to guarantee the human rights enumerated in the different UN Conventions to its own people and those unfortunately touched by the insanity of Swedish administrative arbitrariness, no sir, Sweden is a member of the UN exclusively to be able to tell other countries how to behave, and that’s what they do best.


Swedish Foreign Minister Wallström, was informed Jan. 22, 2016, about the UN decision. FM Wallström is also banned from entering Israel after claiming that “the Jews are after me.”

Sweden’s total disregard for rule of law and the comity of nations as established by the UN Charter and the Conventions is astonishing. Mr. Assange as a person that has been granted asylum by Ecuador is protected by a whole body of International Conventions that Sweden supposedly is bound by, but blatantly disregard. Even Nazi Germany respected issued diplomatic asylums, which ironically was how the Swedish diplomat and hero Raoul Wallenberg saved tens of thousands of Jews from the Nazi extermination camps. Fortunately for the Jews saved by Mr. Wallenberg, the Nazis didn’t share Ms. Hanne Kjöller’s disdain for established international law.

Here’s the lesson to be learned for the population of Sweden and the whole world. If you think that Sweden will respect your civil rights while you are in Sweden, when they refuse to do it to in other countries even when in view of the whole world, think again. If you think that Swedish media would run to your defense if your civil rights would be violated in the most fundamental way, and demand that the authorities respect international law and human rights conventions on your behalf, think again. They would much rather publicly vilify and ridicule you and your beliefs in your civil liberties.

Sweden has left the club of closet totalitarian states. It has now definitely moved to become an overtly totalitarian Potemkin State. That is state that claims to be a democracy, but will deny you every fundamental right by applying insane administrative procedures, that no one can object to or defend against, since there’s no rule of law in Sweden.

On March 13, 2016: The Indicter writes: Paid agent of Swedish security services implicated in second disinformation campaign against Assange.

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3 Responses to Mr. Assange and Sweden’s Denial of Civil Rights

  1. It is the amazing how tolerance of all becomes a self-imposed cage. thanks for post!

  2. There are things that are emotionally true, but not rational.
    There are rational truths that are non-relational.
    IMO, we need discernment to reach balance and wisdom.
    This could mean rejection, or intolerance, of destructive ideas
    creates space to support life-giving ideas.

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