The founding fathers and political correctness

founding fathers

The founding fathers of the United States, not particularly fond of political correctness.

Political Correctness (PC) has a somewhat complicated relationship with tenets like liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. It may not be obvious at first glance, but any advocate of PC is actually an adversary of these fundamental principles.


Gallilleo was placed in house arrest for speaking truth to power of the day, probably another gentleman not particularly fond of PC.

The founding fathers where rebels, they were all traitors to the British Crown and had they been caught in time by the british, they would all have been hanged.


And if you ask me I would say that PC culture was probably not a major priority for this individual either.

PC is the very antithesis of liberty. It should be self evident that when someone else tells you what you can and cannot say, he is trying to limit your freedom. Totalitarianism is dependent on silence.


Hitler on the other hand was a big fan, a huge fan of PC culture.


As is this guy.


And this.

PC culture on the other hand is not without its own accomplishments either.


The industrial extermination of Jews and political dissidents by the Nazis was overwhelmingly supported by the PC culture of the day.

At the end of the day I suppose the result, as it always is, will be the outcome of the battle of balances. In Norway the government is already preparing how to handle Sweden as a failed state due to the Swedish PC culture, read about it here.

femal slavery

PC culture of our present time is condoning female slavery.

Will the majority feel more compelled to protect liberty or will it be more compelled to protect PC culture? In a way we can actually already now predict how our society will become either way. Because how the future will manifest itself is really a matter of history.


Benjamin Franklin


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